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Akshata Murthy – New Queen of Artisan Design!!


The east-west daiquiri is delectable to say the least. It’s not everyday that you come across a billionaire`s daughter trying to revive the Indian hand loom industry and showcasing it on a global level.  Meet Akshata Murthy – Daughter of Infosys tech tycoon Narayan Murthy known as the “Bill Gates of India” who is doing her bit for saving Indian indigenous crafts, one fashionable outfit at a time.  Endearing simplicity, discernible talent and a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary mark her style.

Artisan design has become fashion’s new cutting edge and Akshata’s own canvas for innovation. Who can resist a one-of-a-kind tunic made of hand loomed khadi or muslin? Luckily not me!!  Akshata’s designs are as much inspired by Yves Saint Laurent as they are by her own first sari, worn when she graduated high school in Bangalore.

After graduating from Stanford Business School and a couple of stints at corporate gigs such as venture capital firm Siderian Ventures, she found her true calling in fashion. Encouraged by her banker husband, Akshata returned home on a quest to create something more meaningful and inherently Indian. Her mission was to preserve and showcase India’s ancient craft traditions through design and production of contemporary fashion. That mission gave birth to her own signature label “Akshata” in 2010.

Modern silhouettes in cottons, silks, tussars, ikats, muslin and khadi are her canvas for her upcoming collections.  Each Akshata piece – be it clothing or accessories or home ware is impeccably hand finished and hence it retains its authenticity of origin.  What we love most about her crafty creations are its international styling and aesthetics.  Profits from her line are returned to the artisans.  Talk about giving back to the crafting community.  We love that.  All hail to the new queen of artisan design!!

Akshata`s clothes are expected to retail in the US shortly this year. Akshata is available exclusively at Moon River, New Delhi. Tel: (011) 41617103

For more information on Akshata Murty and to view her latest collection, go to

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